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I have used the technique of Batik for about 10 years and over the years have
developed my own style.  I began making cards as a result of the trials and
tribulations associated with design in batik.  On one particular occasion I found
that my design was less than perfect, but the fabric was quite beautiful and I
wondered what I should do with it?  I started cutting out shapes and began
making cards and eventually found that I preferred this style of design to the
more traditional batik design (although I find myself going back to it now and
then).  After making cards and giving away the originals, I soon realized that the
original had potential value in that it could be copied and that I would always
have the original to keep.  The nice thing with printing the designs is that the
copy still captures the textural aspect of the design.  This is not, however, the
case with the Follow Me Turtle t-shirts.  While the texture of the design is lost, a
whole new medium and process is explored through screen-printing resulting in
vibrant colors, perfect it would seem for children’s clothing.

My connection to Vermont comes via Austin, Texas.  My significant other was
born and raised in Cabot, Vermont and so we spend most holidays enjoying the
seasons in Calais and Burlington with family and friends.  I have a great
fondness for Vermont, but am realistic that a warm climate person like myself
might have a difficult time adjusting to the long, but very beautiful winter.  So, for
now Vermont remains my fantasy place where I get to enjoy all the good stuff!

Follow Me Turtle is a work in progress, with many possibilities on the horizon!  

Melissa Knight - owner of Follow-Me-Turtle
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