Zutano Cozie Fleece Infant Booties
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ON CLEARANCE - WHEN THESE ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE! These Zutano cozie booties will stay on the most stubborn infant/toddler feet! They have two snaps so they can fit snuggly and they will surely become invaluable to your child's winter wardrobe. The cozie material is made of a cotton fleece which has a dreamy softness which is unrivaled! They are do not have a tread so are not intended for walking or "cruising" infants, so the largest size is intended for babies with larger than average feet, or for non-walking times of the day. Zutano has chosen colors for their Cozies from the same palette so that they all mix and match seamlessly. Zutano is the industry leader in fun and comfort, and believes that the versatility and innovative quality of their line of baby/toddler clothes will help parents to celebrate the individuality of their own child. This is the fun of dressing your baby or toddler in the Zutano way!
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