Sckoon Organic Merino Wool Diaper Cover
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Made of the best quality Australian merino wool, this double-layered wool cover is naturally water-repellent, breathable and absorbent. Its soft, 'non-itchy' wool felt comfortable in both winter and summer; it is an excellent choice for preventing diaper rash. Die-hard Velcro closures plus 3 snaps on each side (newborn and small size come with 2 snaps on each side) - that means easy to adjust as your baby grows, and it holds tight even with a lot of movement. The super durable elastic leg gussets are soft for skin and provide a custom fit. The only fitted wool diaper cover comes in with fold-back-tub to avoid stickeness during laundry. "Natural, breathable felted wool is cool in summer and warm in winter. This hook and loop closing wrap also snaps in sizes medium and up. They are not exactly the same but very similar. This comes up high enough to accommodate fitted diapers, but it is not at all baggy through the rear, so it also provides a great no-slip fit for unpinned prefold diapers! If you don't pin your prefolds, and you love the breathability of wool, this is the right cover to choose. It's a very well-designed, great fitting high quality cover. The really great thing about this is it can be washed in your washing machine. Expect some shrinkage if you choose that method, but it's felted and durable enough to handle gentle machine washing!" Made in Japan. Small- 7.9-17lb / Medium 15-22 lb / Large 20-26 lb.
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